XII Congress of the ABTCel-Gen

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Dear friends,

We are once again together! The XII ABTCel-Gen Congress takes place in Rio de Janeiro, from October 25th to 27th. During the last few months, we have prepared everything to welcome you with open arms, in a hybrid event .

For three days, we will discuss the main advances in the areas of Gene and Cell Therapy with experts from Brazil and the world. Plenary sessions, round tables, oral presentations and posters are just some of the activities planned.

The INCA auditorium will serve as a stage for discussions on important topics, such as CAR-T cells, therapy with extracellular vesicles, and new advanced therapies being developed in the country.

We hope that the XII ABTCel-Gen Congress will be a transformative experience for the members of our society and all researchers who are with us during these days!

Be welcome!

Sang Han

Place of the event: The event will take place in a HYBRID AND PRESENTIAL way.

Instituto Nacional de Câncer José Alencar Gomes da Silva/INCA
Address: Pr. da Cruz Vermelha, 23 - 8th floor - Centro Rio de Janeiro - RJ - 20230- 130

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A Associação Brasileira de Terapia Celular e Gênica (ABTCel-Gen) tem por missão promover, incentivar e difundir pesquisas relativas à terapia celular e gênica e bioengenharia, sugerindo medidas cuja finalidade seja a de maximizar os estudos e intercâmbio nestas áreas do conhecimento científico junto a profissionais de instituições públicas e privadas, nacionais e internacionais, sempre mantendo os aspectos éticos e divulgando os novos conhecimentos técnico-científicos adquiridos.

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